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Getting Started

It is highly recommended that the first thing you do is follow the beginner's tutorial Using Bandora with FORTE, especially if you are new to Bandora. It doesn't take long to complete the tutorial and is by far the fastest way to learn the essentials of using Bandora. The tutorial will have you composing music in no time and, upon completion, you will have the skills necessary to further explore Bandora's feature set.

MIDI Devices and Configuration

In order for Bandora to play and record music, you must select your MIDI input and MIDI output devices. This is done the first time you run Bandora but you can do this any time by selecting the Settings - MIDI Devices command. Use this to make sure that your MIDI input and MIDI output devices are set correctly. If you do not know which input and output device to select, just try each one until you find the one that works.

If your sound module is General MIDI compatible, you are ready to go. Otherwise, you must configure Bandora for your sound module(s).

See the Configuration topics for more information.